Friday, May 05, 2006

Study: Market For MP3 Players To Double By 2010!

Market research firm In-Stat expects demand for Flash- and hard drive-based MP3 players will more than double in the next four years. The company said in a recent report that shipments would jump from 140 million units in 2005 to 286 million by 2010!

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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Isn't she beautiful?

As a completely biased father, I think there is no more beautiful young girl in the world than our Hannah. She's at her best when having a laugh so I thought I would share it with the wider family.

I'm experimenting with sharing images using a blog so you get a record of family life online rather than just the odd email from time to time with an image

Draughts on a Boat at Cannes

Originally uploaded by Larry Lambert.
I loved the sense of rest and enjoyment captured in this photo of two older French gents playing draughts on a boat at Cannes.

Sunset in Brittany

Sunset in Brittany
Originally uploaded by Larry Lambert.
I am a great one for trying to "catch the moment" when I have my camera with me. I was driving along with a friend in early evening in Brittany and passed this beach. We backed up the car and caught an interesting shot through the long grass.

Friday, September 16, 2005

On Becoming a Father

Like hundreds of men in the UK, I am about to become a father. My wife was due on wednesday and we eagerly expect the young chap (or lady) in the next few days. I realise that I am both excited and interested to see the effect that the whole event will have on me. As a father I hope that I will have all the following qualities:

  • Have a great sense of humour about the whole experience
  • Be supportive and loving towards my wife, given that she'll be exhausted!
  • Find lots of time to play with the young chap

In truth, it will probably involve a lot more of:

  • Being aghast that this young chap can wet a nappy so often and poo green stuff!
  • Be mildly irrational with my colleagues at work after only 3 hours sleep
  • Set light to some part of the kitchen as i try to remember how the cooker works